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Our first one thousand miles(+} sailing Yaghan with Valencia as base

June 4, 2023


Since the spring of 2022 we have used most of our spare time to prepare ourselves and Yaghan for new long haul adventures.

We have sailed her, mainly on Costa Azahar, Costa Blanca and around the Balears  for weeksends and a some vacations weeks and after around 1500 NM we start to feel a bit more familiar onboard.

In the meantime we have done some upgrades of equipments onboard:

  • We replace the KVH and the Iridium Pilot satellite systems, with faster Irdium Certus 700, with which have good experience from our previous Atlantic Crossing, on SY Ydalir II.
  • We have very recently installed the maritme version of Elon Musk’s Starlink and are now enjoying internet connections upto 300+ Mbits/s – cursious to see how well in will serve us across the oceans
  • We have replace all 12 and 24 V batteries with faster charging MasterVolt batteries
  • We have serviced engines and winches, got the rigg checked and serviced the lift raft and other safety equiment
  • We changed the VHF to Vesper Cortex, with build in AIS, collision advoidance, anchor watch etc.
  • We got a new, Highfield Ultralight 340 dinghy and the gelcoat is now polsihed and vaxed
  • Last but but not least we found an electrical induction stove fitting the space after the Force 10, with only minor adjustments.

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