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Refuel diesel and sherry in Gibraltar and Cadiz

October 20, 2023


Having reached the impressive hill of Gibraltar, we steer among a fleet of freighters to refuel our diesel tanks in the English port. There is no need to  check in at customs and it’s easy and unbureaucratic to fill up around 1600 litres of tax-free diesel. We have booked a berth in Puerto Deportivo de Alcaidesa, on the Spanish side of the border to Gibraltar. We dock and are welcomed by  a crowd of strong, athletic women and men, competing in weight lifting. If we hadn’t changed the washing machine already, this would have been the place for it.

We take a walk to Gibraltar, where we meet people whose families have been living there since the 16th century. Gibraltar is a beautiful town and it’s hard to imagine how many battles have been fought here on the threshold to the Mediterranean Sea. After one night in the harbour, we anchor on the western side of the bay of Gibraltar, so we can have our regular morning swim.


Early Monday morning we sail from the Bay of Gibraltar along the Strait of Gibraltar to Puerto Sherry. We are a little bit nervous. This time there are no
submarines that awaits to attack us, the danger in the water comes from orcas and the area from Gibraltar to Cadiz is one where the most frequent attacks have been reported. Since Summer 2020 there have been several interactions between orcas and sailing boats, where the orcas, also known as killer whales, have been slamming into boats and pushing the rudder. Some boats sunk after the attacks, so we take precaution and go close to the coast in shallow water. Luckily there are no orcas in sight.

                            Lighthouse of Trafalgar    

Puerto Sherry in the Bay of Cadiz is a magnificent Marina where we will leave Yaghan while we fly home to Gothenburg for a wedding and birthday celebrations.  With a lot of joyful memories after two weeks of quality time with Annika and Ben onboard, our ways sadly part for this time.

Busy Bay of CadizPuerto Sherry

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