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Our first month onboard

The first month with Yaghan has been filled with amazing moments on and in the water together with family, friends, dolphins and medusas. We have sailed from Valencia via Denia, Mascarat, Alicante, Isla Tabarca, Torrevieja, Isla Gros, Gabo de Palos, Calabardina, Cabo de Gata, Agua Dulce, Motril, Herradura, Benalmadena, Puerto Banus to Gibraltar.  355 exciting nautical miles on the hot but rather calm Mediterranean Sea.


Luckily there is a lot of space on and under deck.





And if not, there is always some more space in the dinghy or in the 30 degrees warm Mediterranean Sea.

The winds have been fair so far and even though we had to motor a bit, we could sail gently most of the time.

The light and all reflections on the surface awakes a lot of thoughts and deepens the understanding of life.

The high, rough cliffs of the Spanish easterly coast bring contrast to the smooth water. The ever-changing shapes are a delight for the eyes, especially the hidden white cliff of Cabo de Gata.


On Monday the 14th of August Joaquin drove down to Denia to give us a proper farewell with Champagne and it was time for us to sail south. Twelve days later we reached Gibraltar. It was a very special moment for us to reach this impressive landmark of Europe.

Back to sea level

Farewell dinner with Joaquin, Nieves and ClaudiaFrom the high mountains of Klosters, we are now returning to the wavy, open landscapes of the sea. It’s 524  days since we after more than 18 month, one Atlantic crossing and two seasons in the Caribbean, disembarked Ydalir II in Antigua. On the 19th of July we embarked on Yaghan in Valencia with the intention to make it our primary home for the next years  to come and we sense it will become an important milestone.